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How Well Do You Know Your Condoms?

December 9, 2016 / no comments, on Condom Knowledge Base

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Too shy to buy condoms from a shop? You cannot do without a condom – you need them to practice safe sex, avoid unwanted pregnancies and protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. But we know how it’s like in India; how people stare at you when you ask for a condom at a local drug store. Well, we have a solution for you. Why don’t you buy condoms online India?

You will find a variety of condoms at our online store, from latex to non-latex, ultra thin to standard. We stock popular brands such as Durex, Kamasutra, Moods and more. So, if you’re looking to buy condoms online India, you know where to look!

But here’s the question – how well do you really know your condoms? We talk about the 10 different types of condoms that you can buy from us. But first, let’s quickly look at the common mistakes that Indian men make when using condoms and how to avoid condom failure.

Mistakes made by Indian Men when using Condoms
Mistake #1: Not using the condom in the right manner. Always roll the condom on an erect penis, otherwise it won’t work.
Mistake #2: Using the condom after its expiration date.
Mistake #3: Using the same condom repeatedly.
Mistake #4: Manufacturing defect in the condom – you can’t do much about that. This could lead to a breakage during the sexual intercourse. This is known to happen, but very rarely. As long as you buy your condom from a trusted manufacturer, you will be safe.

Condom buying mistakes

How to Avoid Condom Failure
Tip #1: Check the condoms for air bubbles – If there are no air bubbles, then it’s probably the case that the condom is damaged and has been punctured. So it’s not safe for use. Make sure not to damage the condom when removing it from the packet.
Tip #2: Always wear the condom till the very end of the sexual intercourse. Don’t take it off early. Doing so would be the same as not wearing a condom.
Tip #3: Around 2 to 5% of condoms rupture during use for many reasons – genital piercing, sharp rings, sharp nails and poor handling.
Tip #4: Never roll the condom backwards. Make sure to roll it to the base of the penis and don’t mess with your condom while having sex.

Now, here’s the fun part. Let’s look at the different types of condoms that are available in India.
Unflavoured condoms: These are the most popular condoms in India. They are cheap, easy to store and readily available in all stores.

Ribbed condoms: Ribbed condoms have ribs on their outer layer which increases stimulation for your partner. With each movement of the penis, the ribs help your partner reach an orgasm faster.

Dotted condoms: Dotted condoms have dots on their exterior surface. Dotted condoms are also lubricated to maximize the pleasure.

Long lasting condoms: Long lasting condoms are means for those who have a problem with premature ejaculation. The tips of these condoms have a solution called benzocaine which numbs the tip of the penis. This ensures that you will take more time to reach an orgasm and will be able to please your partner better.
Big head condoms: There are several different types of condoms available in the market for different penis types. Make sure that you choose a condom size that is appropriate for you. Big head condoms are for men with a large penis head.

Extra lubricated condoms: If your partner has a problem such as a dry vagina, then you can make things easier for her by using an extra lubricated condom. These condoms have twice the amount of lubrication as other condoms and prevent any sort of pain or friction.

Warm condoms: These condoms keep you warm and are ideal for a steamy sex. They are lubricated with a warming agent to enhance your partner’s sexual pleasure.

Ultra thin condoms: Ultra thin condoms give you a natural feeling. You will never get the feeling of wearing them. These condoms are lubricated and very thin and maximize the pleasure that you get out of sex.

Aloe vera condoms: Aloe vera is a natural lubricant which has a slippery property which makes it ideal for use in condoms. Aloe vera condoms allow you to experience a pain-free sex with your partner.

Flavoured condoms: Flavoured condoms are very popular and come in a variety of flavours such as coffee, strawberries, vanilla, apple, banana, bubble gum, chocolate, etc. They are ideal for safe oral sex.
Hope you enjoyed reading this. Be safe and be sure. Click here to buy condoms online India!

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